Mad Hatter Tea Party

This is just an amazing Mad Hatter Tea Party table that is on display at Bloomingdale's in downtown San Francisco. I just love all the colors and combinations used. What makes this table even more spectacular is that the center rotates around slowly.
Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
I have not been able to set up my Easter table yet that I will have for Sunday but I hope to take pictures of it when I do on Saturday night. I plan to have it similar to my teatime table I set here, but I will serve a buffet instead of tea.
Have a very Happy Easter!!!!!
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Fun Girls Party - Pink Jeweled Boxes - IV

Another fun activity I had planned for the girls was this decorating project with little wooden hinged boxes. I purchased them at Michael's and painted each one inside and out in pink. I also purchased a huge bag of jewels which were super fun. At the party I had little stickers with each girls name which they placed at the bottom of their box. I spread the entire bag of jewels over the table so each girl could choose which jewels she wanted for her box. Then my mom, sister and I had glue guns and the girls brought over their boxes with the jewels and we glued them on. (It is important to be super careful with glue guns and children) In this way the jewels would stay on and we would not have a huge glue mess anywhere.

When the girls were finished I removed any spaghetti glue strings from their boxes then wrapped them in tissue paper and placed them in their goody bags which also had their names on them. The girls seemed to enjoy this project.

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Fun Girls Party - Cupcake Decorating - III

These are the boxes that I prepared for each girl to place her 4 cupcakes in after decorating. Each girl decorated 2 white frosting cupcakes and 2 chocolate frosted cupcakes which I made the night before. Each box was prepared with each girls name on it.
Then I made a variety of sugared decorations. These are little purple hearts with pink flowers. We also had lots of fun sprinkles and jelly bean decorations.
Here we have some yellow flowers with little purple flowers on top.
These little pink butterflies were my favorite.
These were little purple tulips with pink flowers and yellow dots.
I wish I had the chance to have taken pictures of the girls finished cupcakes but as soon as this project started it was as if time sped by and I completely forgot about taking pictures :-(


Fun Girls Party - Party Tent and Puppies - II

We started out the party by playing out in the garden. I gave each girl some bubbles and they all ran around and blew them running through our little party tent that was set up. After, the girls all wanted to see our new baby scottie dogs -Hopscotch and Butterscotch. This was a huge hit with the girls.
We thereafter all washed our hands and we then went back to the garden and had refreshments :-)

After playing we passed out some of the "winner" medallions.


Fun Girls Party - Goody Bags - I

We had a wonderful time at my daughter's birthday party. Over the next few days I hope to share with you our fun activities which included cupcake decorating and the making of a beautiful jeweled box.

I thought I would start off by showing you the goody bags we put together for the all girls party. In each bag we had a yummy Hershey's chocolate bar and paddle. We also bought some little white teddy bears and my mom knitted these cute little scarves for them. (Sorry the pictures look a little different my mom came just before the party began with all the bears and I had to scramble to put the bears inside the goody bags, I took the other pictures earlier so the light was different) One thing I liked about the goody bags is that they were very decorative. I also purchased this inexpensive "dream" sign which was cute and matched the goody bags , I can also use it again for other parties...

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Teacake Bake Shop After Alice in Wonderland

After watching the amazing and wonderful Alice and Wonderland movie in the Imax 3D we quickly scurried outside and had some scrumptious treats at the Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville, California. It made our fantastic movie experience even better :-)

If you have not already seen Alice in Wonderland I HIGHLY recommend it. It is now one of my favorite movies. Fun for all ages and every scene is a complete treat onto itself.


Wonderland Rabbits Invite You To Tea

I wanted to set my table for a little tea time celebration. This was really fun to do because of the two rabbits which I purchased recently. I am absolutely in love with them. These two rabbits are from Italy and I am so glad I was able to get two of them because they are double the fun for me :-)
The rest of the table is decorated with Villeroy and Boch dessert plates over clear larger plates. On top of the plates, are Italian etched glass stemware in different colors. The teacups are all from England and of different makers. The teapot is a gift from my mom and as you can see, it has been used extensively but it remains our favorite. The tea seems to taste better when it comes from this teapot too. The beautiful cali-lilies are from our garden and they grow in great abundance. (I had to say that because many times I feel guilty cutting flowers...I know that may sound odd)
Now I have to run into the kitchen to try and prepare something delicious to go with this.....


Ah.... lets see a giant chocolate cupcake cake. I think the rabbits will enjoy this, especially with the little sugar flowers. Recipe here
.....and do you see what I see, we already have two itzy bitzy baby rabbits!

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